Monday, February 29, 2016

February 29, 2016

II‐VI Incorporated Introduces Burst‐mode Gain‐controlled Optical Amplifier for NG‐PON2 Broadband Access Networks

PITTSBURGH, February 29, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – II‐VI Incorporated (NASDAQ:IIVI), a leading provider of solutions for next generation optical networks, today announced the prototype‐stage availability of a burst‐mode gain‐controlled optical amplifier designed for upstream transmission in NGPON2 broadband access networks.

The Full Service Access Network (FSAN) industry interest group has selected TWDM PON technology as the NG‐PON2 standard for the next generation passive optical network architecture. This architecture supports the convergence of the communication infrastructure for services such as residential broadband, enterprise access and wireless backhaul. II‐VI has developed an optical amplifier for TWDM PON upstream links using patent pending technology.

“This new technology showcases our ability to leverage our core expertise and deliver applicationspecific optical amplifier solutions,” said Dr. Sanjai Parthasarathi, Vice President, Product Marketing and Strategy, Optical Communications Group. “We designed an optical amplifier to match the requirements of TWDM PON upstream transmission and enable service providers to increase bandwidth to their subscribers over their existing passive optical network infrastructure.”

Passive optical networks are economical due to their broadcast architecture. II‐VI’s new optical amplifier implements a novel gain‐control technique that adapts instantaneously to rapid changes in optical signal levels received, as subscribers take turns communicating upstream from various distances. This fast adaptability enables service providers to scale up the bandwidth on their existing distribution infrastructure, while the time‐shared functionality minimizes capital expenditures.

II‐VI’s burst‐mode gain‐controlled optical amplifiers have completed customer laboratory trials. Prototype units are available for evaluation.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

February 23, 2016

II‐VI Incorporated Introduces Dual 980 nm Pump Laser with 810 mW per Port

PITTSBURGH, February 23, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – II‐VI Incorporated (NASDAQ:IIVI), a leading provider of pump laser modules for terrestrial and submarine optical networks, today announced the general availability of its high power, 2 x 810 mW, dual 980 nm pump laser module.

Growing global demand for bandwidth is driving the need to scale the optical communications infrastructure with greater economy and efficiency. II‐VI’s dual‐chip, dual‐output, pump laser modules enable designers to replace two laser modules with one. Housed within the compact 10‐pin mini‐butterfly package, they consume less electrical power, generate less heat and enable significant reductions in the size of high performance, multi‐stage optical amplifier designs.

“II‐VI’s 980 nm pump laser technology, now entering its third decade of innovation, continues to meet the evolving needs of the market,” said Dr. Sanjai Parthasarathi, Vice President, Product Marketing and Strategy, Optical Communications Group. “The established, proven building blocks of very high power semiconductor lasers, compact module packaging and unique, independent dual‐laser output designs come together in this new product to minimize the physical size and carbon footprint of optical networking equipment as they continue to be deployed in greater numbers.”

This new product leverages II‐VI’s proven, high‐reliability GaAs laser technology platform and wafer fabrication facility in Zurich, Switzerland. Telcordia qualification testing has been completed and production is ramping up to serve several customers.